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Upgrade of common dry yeast that is praised by even most experienced homebrewers.

A top fermenting yeast, Voss Kveik offers fast fermentation at very high temperatures whilst retaining a neutral flavour character with subtle citrus fruit notes.
Dry yeast for styles where we want to put hop aromas to the front line. Gentle fruity esters will benefit to the malt flavours aswell.
Dry lager yeast appropriate for lager styles. Works at higher temeperatures and produces fuller, more well rounded fruity charachter.
Mangrove Jack's Bavarian Lager M76
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Dry lager yeast suitable for majority of lager styles. Creates a fuller, well rounded fruity characther with low sulfur values.
Dry ale yeast, suitable for Saison. Spicy, peppery and fruity aromas with high attenuation. Loves high fermentation temperature.
Yeast that produces high number of esters even at low temperature. High alcohol tolerance and wide specter of fermentation.
A yeast and enzyme blend that enhances aromatics and esters, perfect for New England, hazy and fruit forward IPAs. Select enzymes improve aroma and flavour from late hop and fruit additions.
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