Sabina Rozman s.p. collects personal data also when visiting its websites, through cookies, for the purpose of ensuring better functionality and user experience, security, smooth operation of the website and counting users on the Sabina Rozman s.p. website. uses the following cookies:

Mandatory cookies: they are essential and without them the individual website is owned or managed by Sabina Rozman s.p., will not work as it should. They are set when an individual submits a form, logs in, or otherwise interacts with the website by clicking on simple links.

Analytical cookies: with them Sabina Rozman s.p. analyzes the traffic on each website in order to improve the user experience. The individual accepts the cookie by clicking the button on the website or by continuing to browse the website actively after receiving a notification about cookies.

Advertising cookies: make it possible to determine whether the user has seen an advertising message and when he last saw it. If the individual does not agree to their use, cookies will not be installed, but it may happen that some interesting functions of the individual website will not be available.

Social network cookies: Social network cookies allow the content of the website to be shared on some social networks. Plug-ins and third-party tools used as cookies enable the functionality to work, help analyze the frequency of visits and the way websites are used.


Sabina Rozman s.p. may process the user's location data: GPS coordinates (longitude, latitude), IP settings (location of the user's browser or applications), obtained from the user's mobile device, in order to provide the service of enabling the correct operation and use of all functionalities in mobile and online applications. Sabina Rozman s.p. processes location data in such a way that it cannot be linked to a specific or identifiable person, or on the basis of the user's prior consent. Sabina Rozman s.p. when requesting consent, informs users of the possibility of refusing consent, the type of data that will be processed, the purpose and duration of such processing, and the possibility of forwarding this location data to a third party, for the purpose of providing a value-added service. The user can edit their consent/revocation of consent regarding the use of location data each time they connect to the network or for each transmission of communication, either in the application itself or in the "location services" settings of the mobile device. This may disable functionality that uses such data, but other application options unrelated to location data may still be available.

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