This table is created out of research and comparison of malt properties.




BEST Pilsen                      Château Pilsen Pilsner                             
BEST Pale Ale Château Pale Ale
Pale Ale
BEST Vienna Château Vienna Vienna
BEST Munich Château Munich Light Munich I
BEST Munich Dark Château Munich Munich Malt II
BEST Melanoidin Château Melano Melanoidin
BEST Caramel Pils Château Cara Clair Carapils
BEST Caramel Hell Château Cara Blond Carahell
BEST Caramel Aromatic Château Cara Ruby / Biscuit Carared / Abbey
BEST Caramel Amber Caraamber
BEST Caramel Munich I Château Arome Caramunich I
BEST Caramel Munich II Château Cara Gold Caramunich II
BEST Caramel Munich III Château Crystal Caramunich III
BEST Special X Château Special B Cararoma
BEST Chocolate Château Chocolat Carafa I
BEST Black Carafa II
BEST Black eXtra Château Black Carafa III
BEST Wheat Château Wheat Blanc Pale Wheat Hell
BEST Wheat Dark Château Wheat Munich Light Dark Wheat
BEST Acidulated Château Acid Acidulated
BEST Smoked Château Smoked Beech Smoked Barley
BEST Peated Château Whiskey
BEST Whiskey Château Distilling
BEST Roasted Barley Château Roasted Barley Roasted Barley

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