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New product

FERMOALE New-E is designed to create fruit-forward ‘juicy’ beers that are full-bodied. A larger volume of residual non-fermented sugars contributes to give the beer greater texture and a soft, rounded mouthfeel.

2,82 € tax incl.

Data sheet

Net 11,5g
ABV (alc.) up to 11%
Styles APA, IPA, Imperial / Double IPA, Imperial Stout, Imperial Porter, Brown Ale, American Barley Wine, etc.
Fermentation temperature 16 - 23⁰C
Flokulacija Medium-low
Attenuation 75-80%
Origin Boddingtons brewery - London Fog
Additional Content of one bag is capable of fermenting 20 - 30L of beer.
Substitut Verdant IPA

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