Hops Simcoe (Cryo Hops) - 50g View larger

Hops Simcoe (Cryo Hops) - 50g


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Hops for bitterness that is accompanied by passion fruit, pine, berries and earthy note.

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Weight 50g
Alpha acid 23,5%
Usage aroma
Descriptors earthy, citrusy, pines
Year 2018
Origin USA

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Lupulin powder is produced from whole leaf hops using YCH HOPS' proprietary cryogenic separation process which preserves all components of each fraction.
Lupulin hop powder is purified lupulin powder containing most of the resin compounds and aromatic oils derived directly from whole hop flowers. It is ideal for use in the whirlpool or fermenter, imparting intense hop flavor and aroma with minimal vegetal flavor and improved yield.

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