Plastični konični fermentor Fermzilla™ - 55l


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Fermzilla™ vse-v-enem konični fermentor je izdelan iz prehrambene plastike (PET). Omogoča fermentacijo pod pritiskom!

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181,99 € z DDV


Dobavni rok 2 do 10 delovnih dni, na zalogi pri dobavitelju
Višina s stojalom 102cm, s stojalom in vrelno veho 111cm*
Premer (Ø) 40cm

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The FermZilla 55l is a conical fermentation vessel that gives home brewers a high degree of control. Thanks to the transparent side wall, made of high-quality PET, you can see what is happening in the fermentation barrel at all times. In addition, this fermentation vessel has the great advantage that it can be pressurised (max. 2.4 bar).

The yeast can easily be removed thanks to the handy collection ball at the bottom of the fermenter. This allows the clarification process to start immediately, without having to transfer to another tank or vessel. This prevents a lot of unnecessary work and reduces the risk of contamination. This yeast collection ball also makes it possible to harvest yeast for reuse in the next brew.

Optional pressure kit
To get the most out of your FermZilla, we recommend buying the optional pressure kit. This allows you to use the FermZilla as a dispensing vessel but also makes it possible to transfer to another keg without loss of pressure.

  • large 12.5 cm opening
  • pressurisable up to 2.4 bar
  • 1 vessel for fermenting, clarifying and dispensing
  • large yeast collection ball: 1000 ml


  • FermZilla 55 litre vessel
  • stainless steel stand with handles
  • top lid with pressure relief valve
  • 1000 ml yeast collection ball
  • handy tool to firmly tighten the lid and the collection ball
  • 3-piece airlock
  • (estimated) content sticker
  • thermometer sticker
  • various caps
  • spare seals

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