Conical fermentor Fermenters, all-in-one systems and accessories. In short, everything a homebrewer needs.

Adjustable Blowtie Spunding Valve for 0-4 bar/0-60 PSI, with Doutight fittings for 8 mm tube. Easy to adjust precisely.  Set the desired venting pressure. Perfect for FermZilla, Kegmenter and Cornelus kegs With built-in manometer.

Float Dip Tube Filter

Prevent hops etc. getting sucked into the dip tube and blocks it. Made from HDPE and 304 Grade stainless steel this product can be boiled or sanitized with most detergents. The float can be mounted in three different places on the filter, to determine how close to the surface you want to suck up liquid. Dimensions: 40.5 x 27 mm. Barb: 7,20 mm.  

Doutight Inline Regulator

Adjustable inline for 0-4 bar/0-60 PSI, with Doutight fittings for 8 mm tube. Easy to adjust precisely. For compressed air, CO2, nitrogen etc. 
In order to keep your beverage doctor as accurate as possible, you will need to calibrate it. 3 pack powder: 4.00/6.86/9.18 pH
For PH Meter/electrode.Electrolyte Solution is the storage solution for the electrode Content 25 ml.

Tap Brush

Brush for easy cleaning of the tap.Removes dirt with ease and will prevent protein and mineral deposits from building up in the tap.


Multitool for taps, regulators and more. 7 in 1 wrench tool
Cannular Semi-Auto Can Seamer Cannular Semi-Auto Can Seamer 2
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Cannular Semi-Auto Can Seamer. Seam cans in under 3 sec. by the touch of a button. Easy to use, reliable and beautifully simple. With Visy Chuck for seaming CDLE lids.
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