Basic malt for fresh and well rounded flavour of finished beer. High enyzmatic activity, light color and low protein value.
Basic malt for golden color beers with excellent enzymatic basis, highly recomended for British and American beers.
Wheat malt that brings a lot of freshness and notorious taste of wheat beers made out of high quality wheat.
Upgraded Pilsen malt that is being used for fuller body and better head retention. Enhanced caramel in taste and flavour.
Malt for beers in which we want to enhance fullness of the body and malt flavour. Has high enyzmatic value.
Caramelized malt with intensive caramel aroma that improves head retention and fills up beers body. Unique honey flavour and elegant sweetness.
Reddish malt, full of flavour and high dextrine value that keeps the body full and enhances the flavour.
Malt that enhances malty aromas with flavour of bread and grains and also enhances body color and on top of that provides lots of sugar for yeast.
Darker caramelized malt, that tones down the beer and improves foam. Hazelnut and almond aromas with awesome brown colored body.
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